Honey Comb & Honey

I was too excited to wait! While designing another website (equally excited) I just had to stop and share these  amazing photo’s of the honey comb-honey I’m creating with.  I’ll be posting more photo’s and recipes but in the mean time I’ll share a little liquid sunshine your way.

Herbal Body Butter made with all natural ingredients

Honey topical healing benefits

I’ve been using bee’s wax, honey comb, honey in all my toiletries for the last three years. I’m so happy with all the benefits it brings to natural cosmetics adding natural  honey virtually adds antimicrobial properties benefiting not only the skin but the actual longevity/shelf life of anything you add it to.

I’ll be adding more to this as time goes on I just wanted to share a little liquid sunshine today ☼ ♥

One of my first creations from this beautiful Honey/honey comb was a herbal body butter.

Free Medicinal Herb Seeds

Like us on Facebook and your entered free seeds and soaps promotion on 04/01/2012

Spring has officailly began and I couldnt think of a better way to introduce my company Vickaryous Naturals then by giving beautiful Herbal Seeds. Listed Below and in the video

List of just some of the more unique herbal seeds we will be giving away . I’ve collected some amazing medicinal seeds for this and also giving away soaps sharing recipes.  I just want to make it fun,  spread some love and introduce you to Vickaryous Naturals my company 100% Natural, Organic, Wild Harvested.

I just wanted to add the seed give away ended but if you find me on facebook I still have some seeds available. I ask that you mail me a self addressed stamped envelope and I’ll send you some of what I have left.

Seeds I’ve added Yarrow~Achillea Millefolium, Wild Lettuce LACTUCA VIROSA Bitter, Hyssopus Officinalis, Echinacea purpurea~purple cone flower, Cymbopogon flexuosus (East Indian lemongrass), Artemisia Vulgaris ~ mugwort, Hops ~Humulus Lupulus, Arnica montana, known commonly as leopard’s bane, OSHA (Ligusticum canbyi), Marshmellow herb~althaea officinalis, Passiflora maypop, purple passionflower and more.

Primrose Massage Oil

We all know the wonderful benefits of primrose seed oil, but what about the flowers?I’m creating is an oil using the flowers of the primrose. Join on us facebook for more

100% natural cold press Facial Massage Oil.

This is just the beginning of this oils journey I will be adding more oils, essential oils to this blend when it is completed.

My choice in oils were all cold press, organic  flowers locally grown fresh beautiful adding a lot of vitality and color to this lovely oil.


Remedies For Eczema

I published this post a month ago but didnt realize I had set it as a page verses post. Moving forward now in its correct location I will be adding to the information provided here by Nancy Brokaw Nutritional Consultant.

I should have called this Check your PH! We all have our own individual PH balance which is a great indicator on whats happening, or not happening in our bodies. 

There are many ways to balance PH which I’ve talked about in different areas of this blog but this particular post is on eczema and natural things we can do to alleviate, cure it.   Click below to continue reading


Octobers One Winner, Once a Month Contest

Help me decide on a product line for my company Vickaryous Natural. Last months winner was selected and her Baby Bean  Massage Oil has been shipped.

Congratulations Jana we look forward to hearing how like it.

For this months contest I’ve created deeply restorative facial treatment massage oil a botanical & essential oil formula that will improve elasticity, regulate sebum production and stimulate circulation for all skin types.

This facial oil will help restore tone, color, texture of mature and young skin alike. I’ve been using this particular oil for months  and I’m very happy with the results so it will be really exciting to hear your voice and your opinion. 

Good luck to everyone that has registered with Karonv it is the only way to win the “One Winner Once a Month Contest“. If you are chosen the winner all I ask is that after you receive your “gift” try it out and come back and tell us your opinion… Did you like it, smell, effects .. etc. If you would like to earn extra entries have your friends and family join the fun for every one person you refer, you will get an additional 5 entries per month. You must contact me in advance to let me know so I can include your additional entries.

This contest will run until I’ve completely finished my product line and I will be offering everything from body butters, perfumes, healing massage oils, soaps, healing bath salts as free gifts.


Congrats to joannecheek765@hotmail.com please contact me with your address so I can get your gift to you!!!

How Make Rose Water In 1586

The Treasurie of commodious Conceits

                                                               by John Partridge

       Roses are still just as valuable today in our Daily Skin Care routine

Septembers Contest FREE MASSAGE OIL

                                            One Winner Once a Month

Summers end brings me to harvesting and storing wonderful plants that I have been blessed with to create soaps, oils, lotions, body butters. 

I’m in the process of creating a lavender and calendula infused massage oil for the entire family.  All essential oils are not acceptable for the entire family but this one is.  I will be giving away one free gift once a month. Your only requirement is to register and after you receive your free gift to come back and leave feed back on the actual product you receive no other strings attached.

I am so confident that you will be delighted with my massage products, that I’m paying the shipping.  If you would like to earn extra entries invite friends and family to join send me an email telling me who it was you refered and I will add 5 entries for everyone you send to participate in the contest.

I will draw names on the last day of the month and post the winner and contact informatioin needed.

I will continue to do monthly drawings while I’m creating these toiletries and thank you in advance for your participation.

I wanted to thank all the new subscribers for joining my cause of greener more sustainable life styles and helping me choose products to move forward with for Vickaryous Naturals. 

I’m more than excited to give away my essential oil/plant infused massage oil. Safe for entire family with emphasis being on children as these oils will work to help detox, heal little wounds, relax over played muscles. I don’t believe to date we have enough products on the market for children.

This will be a great way to end the day, brief little massage while kissing the little angels good night.

Massage oil is completed and ready for its new home, I will be drawing my first name on September 30th. Good Luck I hope its YOU!


Congrats to (((heronbrookhaven@yahoo.com))) … done by a random drawing and thanks so everyone who entered I will be doing another one next month. So if you havent registered please do its the only way I can add you in the drawing! Next months free gift is going to be a healing restorative face oil… woo hoo and its free I just want to know what you think of it! See you NEXT MONTH


Jasmine Flower Toiletries

Jasmine is known as king of the flowers

This will be my 3rd year creating toiletries from Jasmine that I harvest right here in Washington State. I feel blessed to have access to 4 very large bushes that are free from pesticides and chemicals all things that should be considered when wild crafting toiletries with your own plants or wild plants. 

Grow Vine Jasmine Starter Plants 6 Pack Jasmine Confederate - Favorite Intensely Fragrant Easy to Grow

Jasmine what a beautiful flower and such a history that dates back to the beginning of perfumes along with rose, lavender and sandalwood.  More currently you will find jasmine in perfumes, lotions, soaps, creams, candles bringing a multitude of benefits where ever it is used.  

Red Brazilian Jasmine Plant~ Easy To Grow Indoors or Outdoors

Aromatherapy going all the way back  to 4500BC described oils of jasmine and roses turned into perfumes.

Jasmine: Erotic Flower 
Jasmines’ scents can captivate anyone.  Men and Women both use the fragrance of jasmines even if they are unaware you will find it in perfumes and massage oils of today.  People seeking a revival for their intimate times use jasmine perfumes and oils.

The Flower Behind The Most Expensive Perfume

The scent is potent and bewitching an elusive scent that is almost impossible to bottle.  Referred to as “Queen of the Night,” jasmine blossoms must be gathered by moonlight, for their scent withdraws at the sun’s first light, roughly 7.6 million flowers are needed to produce one kilogram of jasmine essential oil.

Thus, the price for becoming the mythical “beautiful woman who has just walked by” is quite high—to smell like this common flower requires an uncommon price tag. Some popular (and expensive) perfumes that use jasmine include:

1. Jean Patou’s Joy: $450 / 1.0 oz : 10,600 jasmine flowers 

2. Clive Christian Imperial Majesty: $215,000 / 500 ml : The word’s most expensive perfume uses jasmine from India; amalgamation time is six months.

3. Chanel No 5: $260 / 1.0 oz : 1,000 flowers 

Lovely Poem About Jasmine

“Plants that wake when others sleep / Timid jasmine buds that keep / Their fragrance to themselves all day / But when the sunlight dies away / Let the delicious secret out / To every breeze that roams about.” — Thomas Moore

Jasmine: Herbal Remedy  cure:

  • tension
  • anxiety
  • easing depression
  • exhaustion
  • stress relief
  • conjunctivitis
  • cancer
  • dermatitis
  • headaches
  • dry skin
  • and many more

Creating Jasmine toiletries doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. I’ll provide some quick easy recipes to have fun with and experience a little royalty in your own home. If you don’t have any Jasmine in your area I’m enclosing a link where you can purchase 100% natural organic products that have Jasmine incorporated into them. To purchase high grade Jasmine essentials click here!  (coming soon)

The jasmine around my home is in bloom and I had to share my experience making Jasmine tea. I’ve drunk jasmine many times for years but always purchased the jasmine verses harvesting my own.  It was wonderful and I was simply amazed at the difference in taste, I will never buy jasmine tea from the store again. 

               My Recipe for Fresh Jasmine and Red Clover Tea

Jasmine Tea: 1 cup of your favorite spring/rain/filtered water heated, 1/2 cup of fresh jasmine and a few red clover blossoms. I collected the jasmine in the evening to help sustain its beautiful fragrance adding to the aroma flavor!  Allow to steep but making use of the aromatherapy this tea is going to smell Yummy.. Add organic local honey relax! The relax part is going to come easily this tea is very relaxing almost comforting.

Know thy tea, add peppermint/spearmint /lavender, chamomile there are no rules, it’s all about what you like… or maybe what you need? Lets not forget about the medicinal benefits you’ll be receiving!  More

Sun Screens and Suntan Oils

 CLICK  Something as simple as being aware of the oils we are using on our skin and cooking can make a big difference in the look of our skin.  I will elaborate more on this later but for now check out the benefits of (Organic coconut oil) I use it in my tanning oils and cooking you’ll find it in all my soaps and a lot of the toiletries I create…  Here’s a little FYI making herbal infused coconut oil tabs using  organic coconut oil.. more to come!!! stay tuned this will be under herbal preparations though.

Shea Butter offers UV protection along with macadamia nut oil and more,  organic coconut oil protects against UV damage and helps to preserve. 

But my Favorite here would be  Sesame oil and Carrot seed oil,  cold pressed sesame, carrot seed oil  provides the highest Natural UV and UVA  protection of all the natural oils.  Although the smell is not always reminiscent of typical tanning oil. Essential oils work on well on adding an exotic aroma to your suntan oil, Rose, Geranium work well with this combination.

To achieve UV protection you don’t have to put a toxin on your skin, modify your time in the sun, create a natural sunscreen.


The Fruity Secret in Skin Care

As we age in our skin’s ability to remove impurities and exfoliate itself begins to decline. In short, your birthday suit delays taking the rubbish to the curb and results in a buildup of debris on the surface of your skin. Also, the functioning of sweat and oil glands begins to fade and contributes to drying skin. Visible signs of aging skin, such as dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, can actually begin to appear at the tender age of 25.

After 40, however, hormonal changes inhibit collagen production and collagen stores begin to break down. This natural occurrence leads to a thinning of the skin, making the underlying blood-vessel structure more visible at the surface. The thinning leads to a host of other problems as well, such as fragility and increased wound healing time, increased sensitivity to allergens and a loss of elasticity. The skin also loses fat, making it appear less plump and smooth, and suffers, too, a loss of color due to fewer blood vessels in the skin. If that’s not enough working against your countenance, dare we mention gravity?

Then there’s photo aging, the premature aging of the skin caused by sunlight. The term photo aging originates from the fact that only a high-tech UV camera can reveal the damage caused by UV radiation, which is generally invisible to the naked eye. It is estimated that up to 90% of wrinkles are due to excessive exposure to the sun. And this is scary: 80% of photoaging has already occurred by age 18. It just takes a few decades to be able to read the evidence on your face.

Skin-Friendly Fruits
Before you dash off to plant your mug into the cavity of a grapefruit to regain your youthful glow, you should know exactly where fruit-derived alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) come from. They are found in such edibles as pineapple (sorbic acid), grapes (tartaric acid), apples (maltic acid) and even milk (lactic acid). But the applications of these AHAs come from a bottle or tube, not from your refrigerator. When applied to skin, AHAs penetrate the upper layer to “unglue” dead cells that have become stuck together over time. The skin then sloughs off this layer to reveal new, healthy cells that have been, in effect, held hostage underneath. With regular use of AHA products, you can teach your old skin a new trick by helping it to re-establish the natural exfoliation and cell renewal process it once knew so well.

But here’s the bottom line: AHAs not only stimulate skin cell renewal, they are also responsible for long-term benefits such as the reduction of spots and mottling caused by sun damage. What’s more, AHAs enhance moisture retention by enabling the skin’s most important molecules, glycosoaminoglycans and proteoglycans, to absorb water on the skin faster and more effectively. And, in deeper layers of skin, AHAs appear to increase the deposition of collagen, leading to better structural support.

Papaya and pineapple are two of the most popular fruits used in natural peels, since they are both a rich source of AHAs. Each fruit contains a protein-dissolving enzyme, papain and bromelain respectively, that promotes cell renewal and stimulates collagen production. Not all AHAs are derived from fruit, though. Glycolic acid, obtained from sugar cane, is the best-known member of the alpha-hydroxy acid family and has been found to be useful in treating age spots, superficial scars, acne, fine lines and (sometimes) even deeper wrinkles.

The one potential drawback to the use of AHAs is that for some people, they can be irritating. To that end, beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs) have come on the scene in recent years. BHAs are less irritating and seem to have a synergistic effect used in combination with AHAs. The most common source of BHA is salicin, a constituent of salicylic acid (aspirin) obtained from the inner white pith of willow bark.

AHAs Don’t Have to Face It Alone
Both sunlight and normal bodily processes foster the formation of free radicals, rogue molecules that harass skin cells. So it makes sense that the addition of certain antioxidants (free-radical fighters) to AHA products is helpful in winning the battle against the signs of aging. When a vitamin C-based topical cream is applied in the form of L-ascorbic acid, the skin is protected from the sun’s UVA rays, which target the deeper layers of skin and destroy the collagen matrix. When combined with vitamin E, L-ascorbic acid also shields against the burning rays (or UVB rays), which actually break down DNA and RNA causing free-radical damage and cell mutation. This form of vitamin C has also demonstrated the ability to stimulate collagen creation by regulating three pro-collagen genes and, when used in a natural face peel, can have a synergistic effect on reversing the evidence of sun damage.

The addition of other ingredients—such as extracts of green tea, chamomile, aloe vera, comfrey and rose hip—help to buffer the burning sensation sometimes experienced when first using AHA products. These added ingredients also offer excellent antioxidant benefits of their own. For instance, Rutgers University conducted a series of studies on the effect of green tea on skin cancer. In one study, skin tumors were spawned in mice by exposing them to ultraviolet-B light and a cancer-causing chemical known as dimethylbenzanthracene. Of the tea-treated group, 65% to 93% evidenced fewer carcinomas, and 60% to 90% had fewer precancerous skin lesions. And, in one lab trial, green tea offered antioxidant protection more than 200 times that of vitamin E.

The Acid Test
Over-the-counter AHA products with a concentration of 5%-20% glycolic acid can be safely used at home. (Concentrations of AHAs below 4% are only slightly hydrating—that’s about all.) Concentrations of 5%-7% help to exfoliate the skin and produce a soft smooth feeling, while regular treatment with 8%-15% concentrations will render significant improvement in skin texture.

But, it’s the pH of the product that really counts. A product containing glycolic acid with a pH of less than 2.0 is very acidic and can actually result in peeling deeper layers of skin, even if the product has a low concentration of acid. For best results, the product should have a concentration of 4%-8% percent glycolic acid and a pH between 3.0 and 4.0, making it more alkaline. Because some manufacturers put this information on labels and others don’t, the best guideline is to choose a product formulated for your specific skin type.

Dry skin responds well to products containing either glycolic or lactic acid, or a combination of both. Both acids are water-binding and act as moisturizers. People with combination and normal skin types should use a glycolic peel every one to two weeks, or a daily AHA lotion of 4%-8% concentration. Those with blemish-prone skin may prefer to use a BHA product to avoid undue irritation; a salicylic acid-based product breaks up and clears away excess oil without over-drying the skin. Oily skin benefits most from a water-based formula that combines AHAs and BHAs to best promote a high degree of initial cell shedding since this skin type is prone to clogged pores.

There is one caveat to using over-the-counter (OTC) alpha-hydroxy products. As Nadine Toriello, esthetician (and owner of All About You Salon and Day Spa in Key West, Florida), cautions: “The best OTC AHAs can do is moisturize, which can temporarily reduce signs of aging by filling the outermost cells with fluid.” Legal restrictions prevent to the sale of OTC alpha-hydroxy products in concentrations of more than 6%, so if it’s intensive treatment you seek, you’ll need to consult with a licensed practitioner.

Since photoaging is by far the major contributor to aging skin, it would be wise to include a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in all of your cosmetic applications—from lotions to makeup—year round and not just during jaunts to the beach in summer. Also, trust in the adage that less is more. In as little as two weeks’ time, you’ll begin to see marked improvement in the texture and tone of your skin after introducing AHA products. However, don’t become so enthusiastic that you’ll start thinking that more product will yield more and better results. AHA products are not created equal. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s directions. Should any skin irritation persist with a product, discontinue its use and seek the advice of a practitioner or skin care consultant. So, if your skin looks older than you feel, feed it fruit to get back that glow.

Originally published in Energy Times Magazine

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