Herbal Ice Cubes

Fun ways to preserve herbs and make iced drinks even more enjoyable during these hot summer months. I added herbs of peppermint, spearmint, herb robert blossoms, jasmine flowers/pearls/leaves, orange and lemon rind.

The process extremely easy~harvest all the herbs you love, rinse for any insects, dirt etc, place individual flowers, leaves roots in your deep-set ice-cube tray cover with spring water and freeze. Herbs can be safely preserved this way as well.

Mock Orange

There’s no limit of possibilities in making herbal ice cubes making jasmine and whole leaf green tea excellent additions but not limited too.

Jasmine Pearls

Flowers, herbs, weeds, rind, roots  in my herbal ice cubes for pleasure and medicinal effect.

Lemon and Orange Rinds made both beautiful and tasteful additions.

The benefits and pleasures are endless with these icy little treats I want to try adding honey and possible other natural flavorings as I experiment more.

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