Polypores Mushrooms and their Magical Healing Mysteries

No other organisms on this planet have a greater potential for healing then Mushrooms.

When I was a little girl my Mom use to paint on these Conch and it would be my first experience with conch’s.. better known as Polypores.


I’m going to be working on collecting and documenting on this wonderful fungus and various other fungi’s will be added as time goes on. This will be an ongoing journey into the world of the mushrooms and their magical healing properties.

Artist’s Polypore

Ganoderma applanatum (Known as Artist's conch)

Most often found on old or decaying cottonwood, poplar, birch, and aspen, the shelf like artist polypore can inhabit conifers as well. Artist’s Conch gets its name from the change in color which occurs when the white underside of the conch is scratched. The scratched trace immediately turns brown, allowing artists to create intricate drawings on this natural “canvas.”

Description: Shelf-like, more or less flattened, and woody, Artist’s polypore has a gray top with concentric bands and a white under surface. The prolific release (up to 30 billion/day) Older specimens can grow very large. Size can range from 2” to 35” in circumference and 1” to 8” thick.

Health Benefits and Healing Properties of Ganoderma. Click More To Continue.

Ganoderma has been found to have anti-aging properties and is believed to aid longevity, strengthens the immune system of an individual, has been found to be effective in fighting against various types of cancer, helps the body fight against cerebrosis (an organic disease of the brain) and coronary diseases.
Ganoderma aids the improvement of the blood circulatory imbalance of the body, has been found to be useful in detoxification of the body and rejuvenation of the cells, has anti-oxidants properties and also helps in maintaining the metabolism of a person, prevents tissue degeneration and in turn, avoids the occurrence of various diseases, protects and regulates a number of organs in the body, like liver and intestine, good for people suffering from high blood pressure.
The best part of Ganodermais that it does not lead to any side effects regardless of amount and period of its usage. 

A trip last year to Tiger Mountain.. I didn’t think I would be adding this video to my blog, more documentation for myself. But when writing this I decided to enclose it because of the polypore in the video. I hope it helps in IDing these lovely fungi.

The day was filled with Poly Pores, Oregon Grape, Horsetail, Lichens, Mushrooms,  Nettles, Plantain, Robert Geranium, Mullein, Cleaver and many more. I added this just to show a Poly Pore/Mushrooms/Herbs on Tiger Mountain.


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