Salvia Officinalis Sage Despription & History

Known to enhance foods and bring smiles to the faces of all who wait upon Grandmas famous stuffing sage has a medicinal history dating back to classical times as well.

Sage has been used to treat all manner of malady

    The art of Aromatherapy

Its botanical name derives from a Latin word meaning “I Save”  The Greek physician Dioscorides wrote of it as “Sage The Saviour”  and recommended it to treat headaches and nervous tension along with a number of other internal complaints.

Sage oil is extracted in the same manner as it was in historical times. Leaves placed on large drying racks left in the sun to dry  before they are distilled.

Sage has a long running history of medicinal uses as  a blood cleanser, spring tonic, cool a fever, appetite support, earache, skin conditions, wounds its noted that massage with sage included helps ease muscular tension and pain, even rheumatism.

But I’m here to share my hair care recipe using the beautiful Salvia Officinalis. So simple works wonders on your hair and scalp and takes just a few minutes to complete. 

Sage Hair Oil: 1/4 cup Sage I used dried if you’re using fresh I would add 1/2 cup, one cup of two oils of your choice, I used mainly jojoba and a little organic coconut oil “warmed to blend before infusion” Infuse for two weeks in a cool dark place shake once a day, try to make sure the sage is not above the oil line, it should always be completely submerged in the oil.  At the end of the two weeks remove all the plant matter and store in a clean air tight bottle.   

 It’s about having fun, experimenting with new ideas to create greener environments. I will be adding more to this recipe using cedar and rosemary incorporating different herbs and essential oils for different medical uses.


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