Warming Winter Brandy Recipe

Warming Winter Brandy Recipe from Patricia Kyritsi Howell

Use this brandy “tincture” to relieve cold symptoms, ward off winter chills, warm stiff joints, as a sleep aid or just because it tastes good! 1 to 2 ounces ginseng roots (I use the tiny roots often sold in Asian markets for use in soup stock)  2 ounces elderberries, dried or 4 ounces frozen/fresh, 1/2 ounce wild cherry bark, dried 1/2 ounce spikenard root (Aralia racemosa) or 1/2 ounce elecampane root, dried and powdered 4 ounces cherries, dried or 8 ounces frozen/fresh 1/4 ounce gentian root dried and powdered (OR ¼ ounce yellowroot) 1 2-inch piece of cinnamon bark 1 1-inch piece of fresh ginger root, sliced thinly6 cardamom pods, crushed, 10 black peppercorns, 3 tablespoons honey, 16 ounces good quality brandy.

Place all ingredients in a sterilized jar with screw top lid. Keep in a warm place (in full sun, near a woodstove, or on top of hot water heater) for four weeks. Shake energetically once a day for the first week, then every few days until ready. Strain out all herbs and spices. Store in a sterilized bottle.

Feel free to copy and share…just don’t make any changes. Thanks!


BotanoLogos School for Herbal Studies http://www.wildhealingherbs.com



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