The Secret to Beauty Drinking Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Sambac "Grand Duke of Tuscany"

While harvesting my Organic Jasmine today I decided to do a little research on this beautiful plant/tea. I’ve loved jasmine tea since its first dance on my tongue and it will forever be in my tea collection. I was also familiar with many health benefits  but I didn’t realize the magnitude until some research I conducted which I will share now.

This is what had to say about jasmine green tea.

The Advantages of Drinking Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea benefits tea drinkers as it has been proven to replenish the system with health-enhancing antioxidants called catechins and antigens which reduce inflammatory conditions. Therefore, jasmine tea drinkers can realize such advantages as:

  • An enhanced immune system
  • An improved level of energy
  • A pronounced ability to lose weight and burn fat
  • Better concentration
  • A much lower level of stress
  • A reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer
  • Fewer allergies
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Less chance for colds and flu
  • Less joint and back pain
  • Fewer muscle aches

Angelwing Star Jasmine

Make it Your Beverage of Choice

The properties in the tea make it possible for tea drinkers to lead a healthier life. Plus, the tea has been shown to be more beneficial than drinking water. If you drink water or coffee throughout the day then, you might consider drinking jasmine tea instead. Studies have shown that people who drink the beverage live longer, have fewer heart attacks and strokes and significantly lessen their chances of contracting cancer.

Maid of Orleans Jasmine

A Restorative Infusion

Make a commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle. Brew some jasmine tea and enjoy the flavor and aroma of this healthful indulgence.

Jasmine Tea – A Sweet Alternative for Anyone Trying to Lose Weight

A Weight Loss Tea with Health Benefits

If you are trying to lose weight, then you might want to put your coffee cup down and opt instead for jasmine tea. The flavored tea from China, which is typically made of a blend of green tea and jasmine petals, is a subtly robust beverage that has health-giving and disease-preventing properties that also assist anyone wanting to shed a few extra pounds. Therefore, the properties in the blend make it possible for you to burn fat more effectively and give you extra endurance so you can make your exercise routine last longer.

Research Findings

Also, the tea has been shown to arrest or ameliorate such diseases and conditions as heart ailments, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, ulcers, back pain, and joint and muscle discomfort. The catechins in the green tea base are powerful antioxidants that act to keep you disease-free as well as energized. Such compounds rid your body of the free radicals that damage cells and make you feel and look much older than your actual years.

Improved Functioning and Thinking

The beverage not only improves immunity but also reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels too. Antigens in the tea work to eradicate any type of inflammation as well. Substances in the tea have also been shown to help you with respect to mental clarity. As a result, you function better physically and handle mental tasks with more acuity.

Choose Jasmine over Java

As you can see, jasmine tea benefits are immense when it comes to consuming the beverage for purposes of weight loss. Jasmine tea is a beverage of choice then for anyone who wants to maintain a sound weight and make strides in improving their overall health and energy level. So, switch out the java for jasmine if you want to lose weight and feel better overall.

15 Reasons You Will Feel Young By Drinking Jasmine Tea

Posted on October 4, 2010, 12:04 pm, by admin, under Feel Younger, Jasmine Tea Benefits.

Jasmine tea benefits,  can be enumerated, as follows:

  1. The catechins in the green tea are antioxidants that step in to prevent such diseases and conditions as cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  2. The properties in the tea not only aid in burning fat but also give you the energy to exercise for longer durations—very good for weight loss.
  3. Studies suggest that if you drink several cups a day, you will prolong your life.
  4. Research also shows that the tea is helpful in eliminating cancers of all types, such as leukemia and cancers of the colon, breast, prostrate, ovaries, lungs, and esophagus.
  5. The scented aroma is helpful in reducing the affects of stress.
  6. Theanine, which is contained in the green tea of the mix, has been shown to enhance the thinking process.
  7. Studies have found that jasmine tea also acts as an anti-depressant and reduces depressive symptoms related to menopause, paranoia and post-natal conditions.
  8. The tea also cleanses the arteries of cholesterol.
  9. Also, jasmine tea has been found to help those suffering from diabetes. Certain compounds (theaflavins and EGCG) help in keeping blood sugar levels in check.
  10. The tea has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in reducing the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis.
  11. Jasmine tea also prevents bad breath and tooth decay.
  12. Antigens are found in the tea that build up the body’s defense against disease.
  13. Joint and muscle pain subside when drinking green tea with jasmine.
  14. The tea helps alleviate back pain as well.
  15. Scientific research suggests that the ingredients contained in jasmine-flavored green tea make it healthier than drinking water. Therefore, drinking iced jasmine tea after a workout is exceptionally beneficial.

From the foregoing list, you can only conclude that jasmine tea is a “must-have” beverage.

Jasmine Tea Benefits – Stay Younger Longer Drinking Jasmine Tea

Posted on October 4, 2010, 11:49 am, by admin, under Jasmine Tea Benefits.

Have your reached that point in your life when you don’t feel as young and spry as you once did? Well, you might find a youth-giving elixir in jasmine-flavored tea. Originating from China, the infusion is made in the states, typically, as a blend of green tea and jasmine flowers. Jasmine tea benefits are numerous and include the following properties.

  • The aroma of jasmine tea has a relaxing effect; therefore, it is excellent for relieving stress or anxiety.
  • The tea inhibits the growth of bacteria, which results in a healthier immune system and the elimination of such conditions as allergies.
  • The catechins in the green tea base of jasmine tea are known to prevent such diseases as cancer and heart disease.
  • The tea aids in lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • The tea prevents free radicals from forming, which accelerate the aging process, making us look older and feel older than our actual age suggests.
  • The tea has been proven to prevent ulcers.
  • Jasmine tea has been shown to reduce back pain.
  • The tea is also helpful in eliminating joint and muscle distress.
  • Gargle with the tea to reduce your chances of getting the flu.
  • The tea is a good diet tea too. You don’t need to add sweetener as it is naturally sweetened.

The only downside to drinking jasmine tea may be the caffeine contained in the green tea base. However, if you balance out your consumption, you should be okay as the benefits far outweigh any kind of negative side effect from ingesting the caffeine. One of the best health-giving and youth-enhancing beverages you can consume, green tea contains ingredients that keep you young, prevent life-threatening disease and supply you with the energy needed for an active, busy life. When jasmine is added to the mix, you can’t help but feel the results in a short span of time.


Have a Bad Back? Drink Jasmine Tea

Posted on October 4, 2010, 11:48 am, by admin, under Back Pain, Jasmine Tea Benefits.

A Flavored Tea that is Good for You

Jasmine tea is a flavored tea, which combines the petals of the blooms of the jasmine plant typically with green tea leaves. Both plants are proven to provide numerous health benefits, one of which includes alleviating chronic back pain. The tea, which originated in the Song Dynasty (960 to 1279) in China, is a delicate tea that has a relaxing, sweetly-scented aroma.

A Health-enhancing Beverage

Adding the flower to white or green tea accelerates its healing and disease-prevention properties. That’s because both white and green tea contain catechins which supply the tea drinker with protection against certain types of bacteria and cancer. As a result, jasmine tea benefits the back as well as the immune system. In addition, it has been found that green tea, when used as a blend in jasmine tea, aids in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. Antioxidant qualities also destroy the free radicals in one’s system that can escalate the aging process. Also, the tea has been shown to reduce depression.

The base for jasmine tea is made with buds or leaves of the tea bush, otherwise known as Camellia sinensis. This plant can be used in the production of several types of teas, including:

  • White tea
  • Green tea
  • Oolong tea
  • Black tea


The amount of oxidation that is applied to a tea largely will decide its flavor. Black tea, which is widely consumed in countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, is fully oxidized. In China, the tea is referred to as red tea. However, with respect to the jasmine blend, white or green teas, as mentioned, are the teas of choice.

A Healthful Tonic

Jasmine is a tea that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. It’s an exceptional “tonic” as jasmine tea benefits you both mentally and physically.


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