Mullein Anti-aging Recipe

Mullein known as velvet dock, flannel leaf or plant, feltwort, Aaron’s rod, shepherd’s staff, and lungwort is a biennial plant. Its easy to identify Mullein at every stage of its life by its large flannel or velvet feeling leaves. The leaves are shaped like a basal rosette, and covered with fine hairs. I’ve read that the leaves have been used as insoles for the feet by native American Indians because of the softness of the leaves.

Mullein Seeds

When I think of Mullein and its traditional uses I reflect on colds, sore throats, asthma, hay fever, and bronchitis and when combined with water Mullein produces mucilage which soothes and coats the intestinal track relieving stomach upsets. Preparations~ easily made into a chest salve, I’ve even read that it’s made into a mullein and garlic ear oil. Now if it couldn’t get any better there are really no known adverse side effects if used responsibly!   

There’s so much more on this remarkable plant but for now my thoughts are on its ability to rejuvenate skin.  

I read a one of Doctor Perricones books about skin and aging  not because of any other reason then I wanted the broadest perspective I could grasp when it came to beauty both naturally and over the counter. I mean they have to know something right? He said that aging is a result of inflammation! Simple Enough.. Eat well and use natural anti-inflamatory cosmetics

Cobalt Blue Bottle

Rosebuds and Petals Red 2oz

Mullein & Rose Water Splash: 1cup Hot distilled water, 2 tablespoons dried Mullein or a handful of fresh Mullein,
3 roses or if you have no fresh roses simply use a rose tea. Allow to steep for 15 minutes when cool add 10 drops of rose essential oil shake keep stored in fridge after  use. 

Mullein has antibacterial properties that when applied to the skin helps with aging, acne, soothes irritated skin, restorative and can take the place of many over the counter products you have in your home right now!           

Great alternative to wild harvesting

And it’s free for your taking, thanks Nature!

 A Flower Of Mullein:

Poem By Lizette Woodworth Reese

 I am too near, too clear a thing for you, A flower of mullein in a crack of wall,   The villagers half see, or not at all; Part of the weather, like the wind or dew.   You love to pluck the different, and find Stuff for your joy in cloudy loveliness;   You love to fumble at a door, and guess At some strange happening that may wait behind.   Yet life is full of tricks, and it is plain,   That men drift back to some worn field or roof, To grip at comfort in a room, a stair;   To warm themselves at some flower down a lane: You, too, may long, grown tired of the aloof,   For the sweet surety of the common air.

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