Angelica Herbal Tea for Depession

Loose Tea Cup

Preparation of herbal tea

Chinese Fox Glove~Root of Rehmannia (10g): Rehmannia is a Chinese herb known as Chinese foxglove that is often combined with other herbs to treat anemia, fatigue, constipation, high blood pressure, sleeping problems, and tinnitis

John Miller Botanical Studies from 1789 Poster print. Featured plants: Buttercup, Peony, Ranunculus, Orchids, Wood Sorrel, Daffodil, White Lily.

Peony Root (9 g): highly prized blood tonic used to relax muscle and cleanse the blood also very beneficial women’s herbs used traditionally to help regulate the female hormonal cycle and to tonify and purify the blood.         

Chinese Angelica (6g): member of the parsley family and Also known as Dong quai, female ginseng very beneficial to the female reproductive system helps normalize female hormones, eases arthritis pain, and lowers blood pressure. Folklore has it told that an angel appeared to a monk in his dreams and the angel told the monk to boil angelica herb into a tea to cure illness.

Chuanxiong:(6g) It can reduce depression, increase energy circulation, promote blood flow, reduce stagnation and pain, eliminate dampness.

1 1/4 cups (300 ml) of water


Bring distilled water to a boil simmer for 20 minutes to reduce the volume to about half, and sip slowly while still warm. Using the same method, add more water in the evening and prepare the same tea. Discard the ingredients.  Take 2 teaspoons every morning and afternoon for 3 months. This is the most effective way to treat depression with herbs.  

For educational purpose and not meant to replace advice of your Doctor!  Anyone suffering from frequent, chronic depression must consult a physician. The herbal therapies suggested here can support medical treatment, but they cannot replace it.


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