Jasmine Flower Toiletries

Jasmine is known as king of the flowers

This will be my 3rd year creating toiletries from Jasmine that I harvest right here in Washington State. I feel blessed to have access to 4 very large bushes that are free from pesticides and chemicals all things that should be considered when wild crafting toiletries with your own plants or wild plants. 

Grow Vine Jasmine Starter Plants 6 Pack Jasmine Confederate - Favorite Intensely Fragrant Easy to Grow

Jasmine what a beautiful flower and such a history that dates back to the beginning of perfumes along with rose, lavender and sandalwood.  More currently you will find jasmine in perfumes, lotions, soaps, creams, candles bringing a multitude of benefits where ever it is used.  

Red Brazilian Jasmine Plant~ Easy To Grow Indoors or Outdoors

Aromatherapy going all the way back  to 4500BC described oils of jasmine and roses turned into perfumes.

Jasmine: Erotic Flower 
Jasmines’ scents can captivate anyone.  Men and Women both use the fragrance of jasmines even if they are unaware you will find it in perfumes and massage oils of today.  People seeking a revival for their intimate times use jasmine perfumes and oils.

The Flower Behind The Most Expensive Perfume

The scent is potent and bewitching an elusive scent that is almost impossible to bottle.  Referred to as “Queen of the Night,” jasmine blossoms must be gathered by moonlight, for their scent withdraws at the sun’s first light, roughly 7.6 million flowers are needed to produce one kilogram of jasmine essential oil.

Thus, the price for becoming the mythical “beautiful woman who has just walked by” is quite high—to smell like this common flower requires an uncommon price tag. Some popular (and expensive) perfumes that use jasmine include:

1. Jean Patou’s Joy: $450 / 1.0 oz : 10,600 jasmine flowers 

2. Clive Christian Imperial Majesty: $215,000 / 500 ml : The word’s most expensive perfume uses jasmine from India; amalgamation time is six months.

3. Chanel No 5: $260 / 1.0 oz : 1,000 flowers 

Lovely Poem About Jasmine

“Plants that wake when others sleep / Timid jasmine buds that keep / Their fragrance to themselves all day / But when the sunlight dies away / Let the delicious secret out / To every breeze that roams about.” — Thomas Moore

Jasmine: Herbal Remedy  cure:

  • tension
  • anxiety
  • easing depression
  • exhaustion
  • stress relief
  • conjunctivitis
  • cancer
  • dermatitis
  • headaches
  • dry skin
  • and many more

Creating Jasmine toiletries doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. I’ll provide some quick easy recipes to have fun with and experience a little royalty in your own home. If you don’t have any Jasmine in your area I’m enclosing a link where you can purchase 100% natural organic products that have Jasmine incorporated into them. To purchase high grade Jasmine essentials click here!  (coming soon)

The jasmine around my home is in bloom and I had to share my experience making Jasmine tea. I’ve drunk jasmine many times for years but always purchased the jasmine verses harvesting my own.  It was wonderful and I was simply amazed at the difference in taste, I will never buy jasmine tea from the store again. 

               My Recipe for Fresh Jasmine and Red Clover Tea

Jasmine Tea: 1 cup of your favorite spring/rain/filtered water heated, 1/2 cup of fresh jasmine and a few red clover blossoms. I collected the jasmine in the evening to help sustain its beautiful fragrance adding to the aroma flavor!  Allow to steep but making use of the aromatherapy this tea is going to smell Yummy.. Add organic local honey relax! The relax part is going to come easily this tea is very relaxing almost comforting.

Know thy tea, add peppermint/spearmint /lavender, chamomile there are no rules, it’s all about what you like… or maybe what you need? Lets not forget about the medicinal benefits you’ll be receiving! 


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