Keeping your Spa Clean and Green

This is fun, informative blog that I hope your going to be amazed at the results you can achieve using simple ingredients from around the home.

 Using resources from the planet we are going to create some amazing beauty treatments that will hydrate while supporting cellular regeneration, rich in antioxidants, anti-inflamatory even some cleaning supplies….

Here’s many cleaning recipes and my take on keeping your environment, spa naturally and organically  spotless.

Non-toxic homemade household cleaners

Salt of the Earth, Did you know our body/blood has the exact same amount of salt that the ocean does? I don’t think we will understand the full complexity of salt and all its benefits. Detox the body, some salts balance PH both internally and externally, strong antihistamine and antiseptic, epsom salt/ magnesium Sulfate is wonderful for softening skin, Sea salt provides essential minerals that your skin will drink up. 

Nourishing and Revitaling Bath Salt Recipes

So basic, so useful. Salt can be used as an antibacterial scrubber and a way to give new life to the old. Some of the ways to use salt to clean and disinfect include: remove wine stains and grease stains from carpet, give new life to sponges by soaking them in a salt and vinegar  solution, clean residue from glass, remove stains from enamel pans, and brighten cutting boards,  banish fleas and spirits? as in GHOSTS? so it is said!

Sadly the most common salt used (table salt),  is primarily kiln-dried sodium chloride with anti-caking agents added. Trace minerals, as well as calcium, magnesium and potassium salts are removed in processing. So I would highly suggest table salt for cleaning and Sea Salt for consumption.

Club soda can be used to remove carpet stains, remove fabric stains, clean counter tops, remove rust, clean windows and glass, clean household plants. When you are done cleaning with club soda, give your plants a drink of the remaining club soda to keep plants healthy.

Baking soda is a versatile household cleaner. Some of the uses include: Clean cast iron cookware, remove scratches on counter tops, carpet deodorizer, remove carpet stains, buff out furniture stains, remove crayon marks from walls, unclog a drain, use as a laundry fabric softener, soft scrub cleaner, and toilet bowl cleaner.

White vinegar is amazing around the house. Entire books are written about the many uses for vinegar. Some of the uses for cleaning with white vinegar include: Remove mildew in the bathroom, fill a spray bottle with a vinegar solution to clean chrome and stainless steel surfaces, shine silver, give new life to old rugs, remove carpet stains, remove water rings on furniture, disinfect kitchen cutting boards, clean glass and mirrors.Castile soap, A basic bar of soap kills germs. To make liquid soap, simply add bar soap shavings to a spray bottle filled with water, let set a few days and shake. Add a few drops of an essential oil for fragrance. Castile soap can be used as a bug repellent.

Thanks to greendaily for the recipes, always test your homemade cleaning products befor using them on fragile surfaces.

100% of the ingredients are organic or natural in origin supporting planet balance and restoration. The resources we use today our children will pay for later.


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